hans olsen’s bikini chair

bikini chair, hans olsen @ dosbananos.com

bikini chair, hans olsen @ dosbananos.com

this chair is a beautiful rare sculpture of wood and upholstery.  from the 50s or early 60s this is a masterpiece of design skill, with the compound bent wood and dramatic shape. the piece was expensive to build and few were made.  

the name makes me smile.  i wonder what shape of woman he had in mind when he came up with the shape.  or after it was designed, what woman and bikini did it evoke, and hence the name. either way, it reminds me of a visit to a gym or a walk on a beach.  a normal beach, mind.  your average neighborhood gym.  not the ones on tv where the beautiful slim selection is on show. come to florida and give the normal american world a glim.  the possible variations of women’s shapes is wider than you may think.  the abstract design world has plenty of models!


One Response to “hans olsen’s bikini chair”

  1. Fran Says:

    thanks for the interest
    not sure why i had not found your website yet, but allmodern.com has a great clean layout and the background info on your designer furniture is helpful food for thought… and more blogs
    fran ingram

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