kohn bent wood baby cradle furniture design find at moma

need a baby cradle?  

childs cradle, 1895, ebonized bentwood, jacob and josef cohen

child's cradle, 1895, ebonized bentwood, austria, by jacob and josef kohn, chief competitors of thonet

in 1867 the austrian manufacturer J. & J. Kohn became thonet’s chief competitors using the art nouveau stylish bent wood technique.  this egg shaped cradle held soft cushions and the arm above supported draped netting.  why would one need draped netting?  in tropical climates, it helps to keep bugs out, but i put some netting over my first child’s crib to keep cats out.  i suspected the cats would leap in and sleep with the child.  by the time i had my second child, i realized i need not worry about the cats.  europeans do not have so many bugs, but they may have had cats… and a few worried mums.    

i found this crib on the museum of modern art’s website (moma).  their collections section has some good finds for furniture classics, with links to more info about the designers and the history of those times.  the site is a bit tricky to navigate, but it is worth the hunt.


2 Responses to “kohn bent wood baby cradle furniture design find at moma”

  1. Jim Charos Says:

    I read with interest your posting on this baby cradle. Some 30 years ago my wife acquired an identical cradle in Italy. After having it follow her to many homes in various parts of the world we are now ready to part with it. If you or your readers have an interest in such a piece we would like to hear from you. It really is an eye-catching piece as your photo attests to.

  2. Griff Iffith Says:

    I have been searching the internet for such a cradle, recently. I’m interested in finding a Thonet or J & J Kohn Bentwood cradle, as we have our first daughter coming in a few months.

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