furniture design and the lounge chair search: organic form


organic form french lounge chair @ bond and bowery

organic form french lounge chair @ bond and bowery

now this is a smooth looking chair, and i find the shape inviting.  it has new upholstery and the wide arm rests, the contrast with the clean fabric and the wood are wonderful.  it swivels and rocks.  made “in the spirit of richard neutra,” the ad says, of a 1950s design.  

if i did not have cats, it would look as perfect as it does in this picture in a few years, in my house. maybe i shall deal with the cats and dash up to center 44 in ny, with $8,500, to get this chair!  

center 44 is advertising on bond and bowery, and their website was a valuable find in my lounge chair design search.  the whole site is a pleasing exploration of art in furnishings and furniture, antique, vintage and modern, with succinct but informative descriptions of each piece.  

thanks to material girls blog for their blog about the bond and bowery website.  

the frenchman richard neutra designed the california landmark, the lovell heath house, by the way, also a classic in architectural design.   

the lovell health house, california, designed by

the lovell health house, 1929, california, designed by richard neutra who inspired the lounge chair above

eames was also an architect first, and said that furniture design was architecture, and was inspired himself in part by richard neutra.   we are never an island.


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