the best lounge chair design: the la-z-boy??


a la-z-boy recliner

a la-z-boy recliner



second to tv’s, la-z-boy recliners are the fastest selling items at your local thrift store.  for some this may be the perfect lounge chair.  their factory pumps out 6000 a day, they say.  maybe la-z-boy’s stocks will never go down.  the makers have an impressive history of clever invention, risk taking, hard work. you can read about it at lazboy incorporated company history.  and shop for a wide variety of reclining chair styles at

we have one at my house, and it has been well used.  but for my personal hunt for a lounge chair, it is out of the running right away.  it is an anti-social chair.  it says “leave me alone with my tv.”  now this may be harsh, but tell me this is not what most people in your house sit in it for?  

when i lounge, i prefer not to do nothing or to zone out.  i like to talk with a friend, read a book, do some needlework, or diddle on my laptop (check my mail, scan the news, do a bit of twittering and blogging, read interior design articles and blogs), have a drink or eat a bit.  these activities are not conducive to the reclined position.  i want my feet up, sometimes, to rest my head, sometimes, but to maintain an attitude of engagement with life and the people around me.  when i want to check out and sleep i go to bed. 

compromise: at our house a few years ago we bought a big leather couch, each half of which reclines, with no arm rest (divider contraption) in the middle.  it is one big cosy lounge couch for two, or for two with a grandchild in between.  it still sort of says, “leave us alone we are watching tv,” but it is more social.  and jungle book or mary poppins make for very happy conversation with a small person.


reclining sofa -- for social tv watching

reclining sofa -- for social tv watching


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